Nona Diagnostic Supply (NonaDx) is a Florida-based manufacturer of diagnostic supplies striving to help companies secure dependable supply chains. NonaDx was established with the primary goal of improving quality, securing timelines, and guaranteeing testing supplies’ availability in the United States. We also have created a white label process for laboratories that want to have their own specimen collection tubes.


Improving quality, securing timelines, and guaranteeing testing supplies availability in the United States

Core Values

Nona Diagnostic Supply’s core values are built around Quality, Security, and Value


We are committed to delivering the highest quality products that are produced in the United States. Reducing potentially uncontrolled temperatures during long shipping times, we believe will ensure better quality products.



We know the world will always be a place where Geopolitical tensions can cause interruptions in supply chains for products. By having these made in the US, it will help secure the supply chain from geopolitical disruptions and give you more accurate pricing by not having to be subjected to unknown tariffs.



We will be able to provide our products at a very competitive price to our customers with the Quality and Security of the product being made in the United States. The value comes in several forms, but we believe the ability to have a consistent supply with a great price will show that we provide a better Value than our competitors.