COVID-19 Express Travel Test

With In-App Verification

COVID-19 Express Travel Testing: Traveling and want to ensure an uninterrupted trip with COVID-19 results before you fly? Our home-based express saliva PCR COVID-19 tests provide prompt medical verification for your trip within 24-48 hours. Purchase a test for you and those you are traveling with today.

This test is ideal for patients who require rapid turnaround times. They are for any purpose where fast results are needed.

How It Works

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  • Order Your Test

    Once you place your order, you should receive your test within 24-48 hours. We suggest pre-planning and recommend ordering your test at least 5 days in advance of any travel. We will send an itemized receipt for reimbursement purposes from your health insurance provider or health coverage plan.

  • Activate your test online & Register Healthy Together App

    Within minutes of your order confirmation, you will be sent the Monarch portal login to register your test. Then, once your test is registered, you will download the  Healthy Together App to view your results once testing is complete.

  • Test Kit Shipped (Typically Same Day)

    Order before 2 pm EST, and your test will be shipped the same day with UPS WorldShip.

  • Telehealth Visit

    A telehealth healthcare practitioner will conference you before test kit sample collection. The practitioner will coordinate appointment scheduling via your preferred contact method.

  • Use the at Home Salvia Covid-19 Kit for Sample Collection

    The kit includes an instruction sheet, a collector tube, and swab, and a vial containing a liquid transport medium that deactivates viral material.

  • Return your sample free of charge

    Return your test kit sample in the specimen pouch provided, and return with the supplied return prepaid shipping.

  • Check results on App

    Once the collection sample is received and tested, the results are provided via the Healthy Together App.


How does my test kit work?

The mLife True™ oral fluid collection device collects saliva via an oral swab. Once a sample is collected, send your used test kit off to our lab for results. For more on how to use our testing kit, please see the instructions page.

How long will it take to view my results?

Once the testing sample reaches our lab, results are typically available within 48 hours. You can view your results via our online portal.

What are the advantages of this testing kit?

Our collection kit is a quick, comfortable, non-invasive alternative to nasal swab devices currently on the market.  Results are available from the lab typically within 48 hours in a secure and convenient manner.

If I buy more than one test at a time, can I have others use the extra tests I’ve purchased?

Yes, simply log into your email address and use their individual information.  The test results will come back to your email address and you can forward their results to them.
*Note: Be sure to use different cell phone numbers for each user to be able to use the Healthy Together App.

Who will have access to my results?

Positive results for COVID-19 are considered “reportable diseases”. They must be communicated to mandated federal and state public health reporting agencies. This information is used to track new infections for the purpose of public health awareness and response. Your results will not be shared with your insurance company or any healthcare providers (other than the independent medical director provider performing oversight services for the test) unless you choose to share your results with your healthcare provider.

Does this test detect antibodies?

At the present time, the test does not detect antibodies, but we are working on it.

What do I do if I test positive?

What do I do if I test positive and are asymptomatic?

What does my state require to return to work?

Please see this link for state-specific information.

What does my state require to return to work?

Please see this link for state-specific information.

Fact sheet for Patients

Fact sheet for Healthcare Providers

Emergency Use Authorization

Instructions for Use

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NOTE: The Nona Diagnostic Supply 24-48 Hour Express Saliva PCR Covid-19 Test is FDA EUA and made in the USA. Testing is performed by a US-based, CLIA approved Laboratory. See full product details here. See terms for further details.

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